Global Sourcing, Local Services

Your Committed Partner for Chemical Distribution


Rafichem will assist you in evaluating and setting up your drug sourcing strategy: our expert consultants in identifying and evaluating possible worldwide sources for pharmaceutical ingredients will lead you through finding compliant, low cost sources of drug substances. Our team will help you optimize the procurement process.


While sourcing and sales drive the business, our logistics strength provides the linkage that pulls the two together and enables us to offer excellent service to our partners (Both our customers and our suppliers). Logistics processes are key priority at Rafichem, making us the partner of choice. The overriding goal of our logistics department is to deliver products from worldwide sources in the form ordered by our customers of the right quality and in due time.


Large quantities distribution gives Rafichem the competitive edge. The growing trust between Rafichem and its partners supersedes hedge transactions. In the framework of long-term business partnerships, orders are being carried out as routine transactions: reducing negotiation, communication and logistics expenses.