Feature Product: ALUMINUM PACKAGING CONTAINERS for packaging of Sterile API products

Rafichem, being the sole exclusive distributor for METALCO, Italy - - for the CHINA market - the larget worldwide market for the production of Sterile Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)/ CHEMICALS - offers high quality European Aluminum packaging manufactured by METALCO.

The European Pharmacopeia and USFDA consider aluminium containers (Alu 99.5%min) when produced and used according to GMP rules, as safe and neutral for contact with foods and drugs. Seamless aluminium containers are indeed completely neutral either from a mechanical point of view (they are resistant to schocks, perforation, cuts, etc..) or from chemical one ( Alu cans gives absolute protection to cold and heat, to light and gas permeation, etc..) METALCO has worked in partnership with the major pharmaceutical users to increase the final surface treatment of alu cans for sterile powders. METALCO also guarantee the level of cleanliness according to USFDA. Alu containers produced by METALCO can be conveniently sterilised, after washing and rinsing, using dry heat sterilisation or autoclaving; they are even found to be pyrogen free, when tested.

Pharma Pack is mainly studied in order to safely hold and carry all around the world sterile high value crystalized or viscous or powders as can be Cefalosporins, Penicillines etc..

810   internal diameter of neck 135 mm. Capacity from 5500 ml to 28700 ml
820   internal diameter of neck 101 mm. Capacity from 4000 ml to 28700 ml.
840   internal diameter of neck 220 mm. Capacity from 18000 ml to 30000 ml.
880 internal diameter of neck 23 mm. Sample bottles for sampling and stability tests.
Capacity from 65 ml to 1250 ml

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