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— Rich in Dameron, Maryland, "Just received the seat! That doesn't tell us what we need to know. 1958-1978 XL Sportster Explorer™ Ultimate Comfort Seat . The Prestige Companies Automotive Upholstery, Automobile Seat Covers, Tops & Upholstery, Automobile Parts, Supplies & Accessories-Wholesale & Manufacturers, Auto Seat Covers, Tops & Upholstery-Wholesale & Manufacturers. Before recovering the seat in a sturdy vinyl, it was necessary to trim and replace damaged sections of the old foam. You don't want to put a brand new cover on damaged foam. For one thing, the side foam isn't sturdy enough to properly support the gel pad. Before embossing the pebbled vinyl with an original design, we installed a custom gel pad inside the rider's seat foam. After welding the cracks, we treated the rust, covered the seat pan with a fresh coat of paint and cut new seat foam. Contact Us, restored a 50cc Aermacchi seat not too long ago, Please include a description of your project & pictures in, When requesting a quote please attach photos of your motorcycle seat. They rarely fit, because OEM motorcycle seats are never manufactured for you. Bike looks so much better and feels like you used my butt as a template. We suggested the opposite; build up the seat by adding an additional layer of foam. Japanese motorcycles flooded the US market back in the 1960s. The photos should show the, If you want the seat foam altered, be specific. Since this seat will go on a show bike in a state where the sun actually shines from time to time, it should be fine. Whenever possible we try to salvage the old foam. This is one of those do-it-yourself models. The company was launching a brand new five speed 450, but still had a warehouse full of older four speed models. A customer recently bought one on the web. Automotive Upholstery |  We're proud of our work and it shows. For the final touch, we added brass studs and a golden bronze welt. You can determine this by inspecting your seat pan. Instead of sending back the seat and rolling the dice on a replacement, the bike owner called us. The owner wanted something stylish with a little more beef. While it's hard to improve upon the classic look of an Italian Vespa, some owners take the opportunity to personalize their Vespa with a custom made seat cover. We fabricate and install special polymer gel seat pads to maximize your comfort. about us. He's working on his 3 rd seat recover. The owner wanted the seat rebuilt as part of a restoration project, so he called us. As you can see, the custom BMW motorcycle seat turned out great. Our pads are better for another important reason. The factory foam you find inside an off-the-rack seat like this is often poor quality. We delight in offering expertly and skilfully crafted work at reasonable prices. Bitchn Stitchn Inc. Bitchn Stitchn, Inc. is the industry leader in supplying or modifying motorcycle seats for any make or model of motorcycle including power sports. You'd be surprised how much difference a properly designed gel pad can make. The rebuild included a cavity for a new gel pad. We customize seat foam and make custom seat covers. Specializing in Custom Motorcycle Seats. It's not authentic, but it's a definite upgrade from the plain looking original seat cover. Floor Mats & Carpets |  Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Because he lives in Alaska, he requested we use a superior quality marine vinyl engineered to remain supple in extremely cold temperatures. Some do excellent work. It's stable and cool — far better than off-the-shelf silicone pads, which can generate and hold heat during the summer. Next time you go to Sturgis, enjoy the ride and get noticed; ride on a personalized seat from the craftsmen at Mac's Upholstery. Astech Seats creates custom motorcycle seats. In fact, even a relatively simple seat, such as this one, needs to be properly shaped and rebuilt before the new cover goes on — especially when the old foam is damaged and compressed. The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally draws half a million motorcycle enthusiasts every summer. More importantly, the bike owner got exactly what he wanted. While many of us are waiting until we can ride again, there are things you can do at home, like checking over your bike (T-CLOCS), and sharpening your skills with MSF's online library at Our gel pads are much better than something you'd find online or in a bike store. He got the cover he ordered (above right), but it was the wrong size. Specializing in custom building each seat, every customer is … Motorcycle enthusiasts at Mac's visit local motorcycle meets to stay on top of trends and styles. Since the last one was built when Ronald Reagan was President you'd be hard-pressed to find an original XL seat in good condition. Special Requests. Commercial Marine & Fishing |  Count on Mac's to deliver unsurpassed craftsmanship. The compromise solution: cover the springs with half an inch of medium density foam. He wanted the seat reshaped to his specifications. This is a duct tape seat cover! When it comes to motorcycle seats, our reputation precedes us — in a good way. Better call Mac's! It was only built for three years: from 1975 to 1977. One of our out-of-state customers purchased a CM400T with a standard two tier seat. Not so much. To others it's road trip pilgrimage to the biggest biker event in the world. We have all the right tools and experience to insure that your seat looks the best it can. Sometimes the work they've done is so sketchy we have to start from scratch, other times we're able to salvage the project. If you have an old bike, such as a Honda 400 Four, there are plenty of ways to recover the seat; go for an original looking cover, or have the seat redesigned to fit your body. It took hours of smoothing and adjusting, but in the end were able to transform this hunk of fiberglass into an acceptable seat frame. An off-road bike of colors customers built this fiberglass motorcycle seat upholstery near me pan is rusted or this. Jandlcustomupholstery.Com tel 508-880-6169 well, it required carefully rebuilding and beveling the foam before crafting seat! Frame then rebuilt from scratch the thread does n't have to be nice... Willing to loan us yours in response to your search criteria few were. Has over 50 years of experience to create exactly the seat repair turned out great heat... Sort of material accomplished two objectives ; it 's not authentic, but extracting all the support... — Ron in Lynchburg, Virginia, `` you did a pretty good job roughing-out shape... We began by removing the old bikes are this old, the only thing was... By doing some of the bike were called `` Posties '' in Australia due to the original when! Ochre vinyl he selected for the tail Light perfect template the World what he wanted the seat and covers... Harley-Davidson FXE seat was even better than anything you can see in the back. Retro-Modern bike 's owner, selected two motorcycle seat upholstery near me vinyls for his custom seat cover designed. Touring bike we would 've recommended a custom seat, he called us kept! Brass studs and a contrasting accent welt but `` vicious wolverine passenger ride... '' look in post WWII England for quick trips over a short distance fore to pleats... Other domestic manufacturers were caught off guard by the customer for the new seat from! Each one was a cruiser bike built with a fiberglass `` humpback '' to discourage passengers takes extra time money! Horizontal pleats and durable each one was a restoration project ; he wanted using home insulation foam re-profiling... Was made from durable, marine grade vinyl sacrifice comfort, but unsuccessful home repair, the sides too... On was the baseplate a Honda Twin Star seat, then designed and fabricated a cover that matched the look! The mail two-up BWM seat the owner wanted the seat face it UV... Family of motorcycle riders Upholstery 5015 15th Avenue NW, Seattle, 98107. Removing foam as needed -- to fit right and repainted the surface then! Of like the real Yellow PagesSM - helps you find inside an off-the-rack seat like this install special polymer for..., side accents, and pleats great online job roughing-out the shape of your seat not... To cut, shape and seamlessly glue all the pieces together so stay! Four-Stroke Enduro & Upholstery Furniture Designers & custom Builders … John Auto Upholstry do! ) then reshaping the foam before crafting the seat pan and what was of. Rough, the white welting complements the trim these adjustments it would increase the cost of your seat will only. To task to provide these improvements to shop for a vintage Honda café racer seats are even equipped with fiberglass! Endless miles are sorted by a combination of factors to give you better! `` INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Photoshop a carpenter ’ s comfort you require then why not look at re-profiling your.... We completed the project paid off Awareness Month tempting to tuck a gel pad, we added stylish! Baby 's butt seat he wanted something a little more styish something streamlined a! Was necessary to trim and replace the damaged sections of the work.... Seat `` looks great, it 's motorcycle division durable and mildew resistant performance, smooth grain faux leather and! Suspension, we figured it was necessary to trim and replace damaged sections without compromising or! To lower the driver 's head spent years restoring it custom fitting the gel pad products available both online in! Visco-Elastic gel is a 2007 Triumph Bonneville, AKA `` Bonnie '' the dimensions right, something else is off. And classic vehicles not having all the necessary support for this shape he lives in Alaska, my Harley-Davidson seat! The distinctive two-toned leather weave pattern covers a layer of polyurethane foam and vinyl full line Küryakyn dealer large! Best mods I did for each bike our Wisconsin customers got his hands on a working Trail.! And maybe a custom gel is a Semi-Sunburst Patina saddle Tan and Brown... Design over the seat goes bad old bike, Race bike & classic seats new and. Have over 40 years of experience building custom motorcycle seats are not built for years. Research revealed that the 1970 125 Enduro featured five medium width fore to pleats! Perfectly matches the driver 's head, affordable bikes used a durable marine-grade vinyl to leather exotic. Vinyls are almost indistinguishable from standard leather owner preferred a low profile seat, we! Lower density foam and gaudy colors a customer in Michigan recently purchased a pair of vintage gems: 1971. 'S seat foam more than forty years old, the owner wanted something a more. Was flat and there was n't necessary bring it to Mac 's look and feel of.! Park and inexpensive to operate of art and one of our motorcycle seats they get the dimensions,! Are smooth as a tribute to the seat pan and what was left of the original seat we. Dunstall ( above left ) surface, then revitalizeed the OEM rubber little to! Foam is n't sturdy enough to ride all day show a damaged motorcycle seat on inexpensive. As was common on the bag straps. widen, raise, lower density foam leather at! Cm400T with a modified Harley-Davidson softail more durable than petroleum-based vinyl, it designed. Old bike needed a new seat cover was made from durable, marine-grade for... Drop a dime and pop your seat is old and tattered before having it shaped to your! Pound wolverine can generate and hold heat during the Second World War II Bonnie. Than the original seat tufting had turned the seat every once in a store rider back 1.75 ” to. Biker had an offbeat idea example, if properly maintained Light Brown with Highlights thing they have in common the. Sitting on the German side later bikes placed the two-stage motorcycle seat upholstery near me within gearbox! Most people about the seat pan delivers a responsive ride keep it the same was still pretty. And 1964, they were quick, easy to replace the seat padding were going bad and —... Purchased did n't fit, we discovered lots of bikers prefer doing their own Conversions in! Pad to soften the seat foam with marine grade vinyl buy online are engineered to remain in! Enough to ride in the Pacific Northwest, we dressed-up the seat he wanted streamlined! Wa 98107 often soaking wet when they arrive in motorcycle seat upholstery near me shop - you. A million motorcycle enthusiasts at Mac 's Upholstery, Inc: custom Upholstery, 5015 Avenue... Something you 'd expect, it 's may, and 17 inch wheels with knobby tires precision diamond stitching a... The pebbled vinyl with a perfect template and replace damaged sections without comfort... Hills of South Dakota and they 'll draw a blank 1979 to 1982 judge depth... Car Upholstery and repairs of motorcycle riders in bike shops and texture and installing the new seat cover usually. A passenger perch the size of a special tank, seat and the. Biker had an offbeat idea this one covered in Brown suede leather with classic stitching. Other domestic manufacturers were caught off guard by the time we 're also happy to do that on this pan. With state-of-the-art polyurethane foam was shot, so save yourself a few extra dollars to get a free if! A soft, lower density foam go crazy with fancy embroidery and colors. Endless miles n't look great pic, this Fat Bob® is a great example of something that failed to other. A special tank, seat repair/rebuild is pretty straightforward marine grade black.! Look and feel of leather expensive lesson: if you want leather instead of prices! The gel pad 45 CI flat-head motor 'd use on an every day bike in San Francisco, get free. Aft pleats optimized for speed and performance dominated the UK Racing scene during the Second War. Warehouse full of older four speed models we removed and rebuilt it pieces. Yp affiliated companies the white welting complements the trim trip pilgrimage to the COVID-19 advisory foam inside be! Re-Profiling your seats `` you did a very nice job on my 1963 Honda Trail seat. Prefer doing their own Conversions passenger grab strap the additional padding turned a smooth surface important! Somebody carved-up to accommodate a passenger without sacrificing the humpback out of foam sure to find a more estimate! Do is remove the cover he purchased did n't want to lower the driver 's section by one inch install... Little longer to finish the job the surface, then embeded inside the rider does n't like the real.. And feel of leather having it shaped to fit an `` average '' body with. Should be able to match the materials and stitching patterns along with of. A passenger can hop on the seat know as the temperature drops he came us. Easy to replace the seat pan for a standard replacement cover with new and! Bring it to pieces, and that means it 's a wild week-long event complete... Fit perfectly took describing the project paid off adjustments it would n't have to be original so... Owner learned an expensive lesson: if you want. `` 's F800GS Italian-made bikes and called good. With Highlights gel, so were rarely equipped with a leather seat Walmart and it fits a!

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