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Bloggers whine about free stuff! I realize this sounds heartless, but you have to deal with reality sometimes. ), Late last December, I had about a half-dozen HOOUs expiring at the end of the year. But I wish the airline would make it easier to redeem them. One infected flight attendant potentially interacting with say 20 passengers per flight × 4days of flying × 2-3 flights a day (average, some have more, some have less) var F10334_sb_requiredFields=new Array();var F10334_sb_validateFields=new Array(); Well, Lucky, it looks like you need to get on your soap-box a few more times. It is an international emergency, and people have to ‘get real’ about what can and cannot be offered, tempering their expectations. There’s no end date for this new policy, though service is expected to be brought back once the COVID-19 situation stabilizes. I also support the crew on board, as that’s my background. Interesting how those same people that are willing to throw the elderly are hell bent on “protecting” the fetus. When Delta resumes full service in all cabins, it’d be great if HOOUs could be redeemable for the Flight Fuel premium snack boxes. Only essential flying as of right now. Oblivious to the advice/instruction, “Wash your hands for 20 seconds or sanitise it with gel.” Simple, really. If it is only supposed to be essential flying now, why am I receiving sale fare e-mails stating that I can fly for only 39 dollars? My company buys me a $8k long haul ticket in Delta One and I all I get onboard is a pre-packaged meal and a water bottle? Perhaps when the obituary on Covid-19 is written, it will address the role and responsibility of travel in this Global crisis. This site is for entertainment purposes only. And now the asymptomatic flight attendant gets to go home to their family. And yes they should get a service commensurate with the fee paid. Exactly. How about you look at it as “protect everyone else from me”? Let alone potentially becoming a link in the spread? On an airplane, you are basically sitting on other peoples laps and some FAs have to fall over people to reach the aisle seats. New Delta Flight Fuel Hawaii Menu | Image courtesy Delta. Healthcare workers are overwhelmed in hard hit areas but to lock down healthcare in clear areas deprives the everyone else of needed care. People are scared, times are uncertain, and there is a lot of suffering for a lot of reasons. I’ve never been able to use any companion ticket ever … for decades. @ Ray – You posed the supposition “just not understanding the logic”…I was posting my POV as a part of the group that ARE the “people that are doing functions necessary to survival“, I’m not sorry that you disagree with it. Do you really believe we can afford to have people sitting at home not working, while being able to generate the economic activity necessary to treat the millions around the world who need our help? Reminder: OMAAT comments are changing soon. Go someplace else if you want a safe haven to rant about ‘Alt-Rights’ (@UA-NYC). How is serving wine or a can of Coke any different than serving water? I suspect that my comment will have little effect but here it is: If you are going to the gas station and not cleaning your hands immediately after using the pump. 11:38 a.m. It’s a routine flight for Delta, with the airline offering near-daily flights along that route — and typically in the same model plane. American is still serving meals all at once, while Delta is just serving a packaged snack box in first class. Does this mean that the airlines still think that I should engage in non-essential flying? As an EP on AA I expect service, regardless of the cabin.”. If you can’t handle it 2 weeks in, you’re going to go bonkers pretty fast. “Abandoning that belief to save the Dow is to abandon what makes America exceptional.”, … the assumption here is that when people express economic concerns, it is ONLY about the stock market. Read More. Well in the UK government pays 80% of the furlonged staff wages, to ensure social distancing. I shake my head too, but because for sure the service will NEVER come back. Lucky – if people shouldn’t be flying then the gov should do the right thing and shut the airlines down. How long do you think less stable governments could sustain this? I think your comments are very apt and apply to all of us. “In order to preserve liquidity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we are deferring substantially all of our previously planned 2020 capital expenditures,” Delta said in the filing. you may say. If you are eating take-out from the container with your hands or using the utensils provided that someone else has touched. You choose to be on the aircraft. But making coupons redeemable for Flight Fuel boxes would be a great way to acknowledge those SkyMiles members. HOOU certificates penalize the non-drinkers. Most airlines are giving full refunds. This safety measurements shouldn’t affect majority of passengers during the ourbreak, since most people are not fkying. So what now?! Flight attendant is coughed on by or collects waste from passenger A, who is asymptomatic but covid+. } catch(e){} As others have pointed out, it will be interesting to see how long after the crisis is over it takes for these services to return. Again risk is similar. The gov wants to do everything EXCEPT halt all air travel. The rest of the service change, I totally get, but *that* feels almost punitive. What is “now or never,” exactly? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aligning with the airline’s focus on providing transparency and options for customers, all snack boxes will feature full ingredient and allergen labeling. I still get asked for compensation, even when countries have closed their borders. Thanks. Tomorrow you’ll find yourself getting no service on these US airlines and wondering how naive you thought service would come back because you call out airlines. I flew Qatar from London to Kuala Lumpur on the 11th and wouldn’t you believe it? And also check into and out of hotels during the trip. Is getting a drink really worth risking your health and the health of your loved ones? I simply stated my opinion that the path we are on will lead to an economic and social situation that will be worse than anything the virus could have caused. Every time a person comes closer than 3 feet to you your risk level increases. For example, the comment about eating a snack box with your fingers. Breeze Airways Wants To Pay Pilots How Much?! They’re there for your safety, but they aren’t safe. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. 400 planes sold a year, 200 / hr to operate on average and only for wealthy people as toys or business minded schools or providers. Time to STFU and soldier on. First thank you! Cheers. The pax served themselves out of coolers at the gate or on the jet bridge, pre 9/11? Cardmembers receive $100 in annual airline incidental credit and $120 in dining credit each month with select food merchants. Staging the economy reopening in areas of low risk, while maintaining the principle of social distancing in addition to scrupulous hand hygiene, AND while continuing a full stop in targeted areas good for all of us. Lightning Deal: This USB-C and USB-A Travel Charger for ~$11! You assumed a lot of a person by that. How does it make sense to tell the people who make a living (the young and healthy) to stay at home so that we can protect the people who are less likely to have a positive economic impact on society (the old and sick)? Using her vast knowledge and unparalleled palate, Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson has selected a host of fine wines for Delta One and Delta Sky Clubs. What do you think? Please tell us your thoughts in the below Comments section. I never thought I would say this, but I agree with the post. I have 2 sons of around 30 years old. None of us alive in the world has been through this. Go on the street and pick up garbage. I support our critical health care services because they are on the frontline. Right now they’re hoarding people’s money who have canceled their tickets and still flying all over (granted with a reduced capacity). HOOU certs for drinks are not useful since I’m sitting in Comfort+ or further front. They offered me like a 60 or 70 percent reduction in the annual fee (if you spend 5K in the first 3 months). I’m not traveling for awhile anyway, but if I get the virus and recover, I wonder if I will be allowed to travel freely? The level of smarmy entitlement is mind boggling. It’s unimaginable the dangers and fatigue you and your colleagues face today and in the near future. What has this world come to?? For a long time I’ve expressed my disappointment to Delta regarding some of the perks they promote that do nothing for me as a single, non-drinking flier. This is 100% about cost cutting, under the guise of “safety”. If you shut down all other voices that doesn’t mean only yours is correct. Look, I agree with you. The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent. I still say it is cost cutting. There is nothing in the critical infrastructure clause that states airlines have to provide first class meals with steak and wine. Airlines are in a dire position. That’s what video conferencing is for. @ConcernedMD, THANK YOU TOO! Kindness matters. This is simply unprecedented. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. @Not a useless whiner: you actually are. Earn 60,000 bonus points when you spend $4,000 in purchases within six months of approval! Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. She mentioned having passengers pickup their wrapped food and drink boxes at the gate that way they aren’t served by FAs thus limiting contact. Delta cuts inflight food and drink services on long-haul flights to combat spread of coronavirus 3 Apr 2020 by Jackie Chen Delta will make temporary changes to its … Getting food through a drive through or take out is not that same as on an airline – you can keep great distance from the drive through people. Chase Freedom Flex and Chase Freedom 5% Categories Announced for Q1 2021! For Delta Air Lines flights under 1,000 miles, the following will be changing: For Delta Air Lines flights of over 1,000 miles, the following will be changing: Delta is taking an even stricter approach in first class than American. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. I take as many precautions as possible, but my job requires to be done and is literally the bedrock of the economy. I’m not worried about my economic situation; my wife and I are very fortunate and frugal people who will be able to weather this storm better than the cast majority of people. It’s not the public’s fault. I have Delta flights in C+ scheduled for February & May. Except for things like medical needs, national defense, critical infrastructure repairs, people should not be flying. And so what? That’s the point! Or they may genuinely want people to redeem them for free things. So yes, we have patronized a few places and I have provided 100% tips every time to those workers to help them at this time. great article. I am a pilot who got lucky to buy myself a Cirrus (with a loan) and doing the hoops and loops for a Part 135 operation i.e on demand air taxi. No coffee or poured beverages. How do you expect airlines to aquire sufficient supplies for their crews considering masks and gloves SHOULD BE CHANGED WITH EACH “PATIENT”, AND HANDS WASHED BEFORE, BETWEEN AND AFTER. Serving a snack box that you have to eat with your fingers??? With loads of 10% on board, they could collect the trash after the flight. I was in Missouri 2 weeks ago…then in California last week. He just went to KL on a mileage run because he thought it was a great time to get good deals and earn miles, and is continuing to write absolute garbage and being a completely irresponsible blogger IMO. Have a seat. Distribution of services will not be realigned to your point of view. And most from the same people that love to spout what the Founding Fathers were meaning in their foundation for the country. The pandemic itself will last 2-3 months and the recovery is going to take longer. I am appalled by those such as @voldoo who seem to 1) argue that the oldest amongst us are expendible to save the economy (ignoring the irony that many of the same folks were likely in an absolute fever-dream tizzy about ‘death panels’ 10 years ago) and 2) who (naively) think they are invincible because of their age. The people complaining probably take 4 round trips a year and call themselves frequent fliers. Two elementary schools report noxious fumes and skin irritation as Boeing makes emergency landing at LAX @Lucky perhaps a good idea to post a link to the science behind transmission of the disease and the measures being implemented at various levels; the effects of these measures including the “flattening the curve” article as well. Note that you have no access to your DL wallet and these HOOU coupons while in the air unless you have already downloaded the flydelta app or printed them out on paper. Your response to Voldoo is everything I would have liked to write, but am too sick and tired from COVID myself to get past the seething anger and hate this selfish idiot’s posts engender. I’ve stopped reading FT due to all the pathetic, self-centered whining. I know based on other comments you think things should just return back to normal and you think 5% of the population should be sacrificed for the economy (as if things would go back to normal if we just stopped social distancing now). Assume everyone you meet is potentially infectious. I keep myself safe. You are correct that the risk is similar. Mins later a coworker notices them touching their face and encourages a glove change. The rest of the money should be applied to maintaining the fleets in good order. In other words a proper hot first class meal. Most flights only serve warm water no ice on board!Even the Sky clubs not serving alcohol depending on what liberal city you are in and food has to be take out!! “I would ask everyone to think about just what emotions or reactions you’d like your comment to create. We play this right we can get down to white only population with blue eyes and blond hair. 2020 and December 31, 2019, respectively 1,503 2,854 Fuel inventory 353 730 Expendable parts and supplies inventories, net of an allowance for obsolescence of $208 and $82 at September 30, 2020 and December 31, 2019, respectively 393 521 Prepaid expenses and other 1,256 1,262 Total current assets 25,030 8,249 You think you are any safer going to the grocery store to pick up your essential groceries, or pumping your gas, or receiving packages/mail? Your opinions are just that. But if at this very moment your biggest concern is whether you can get some (probably pretty crappy) wine, or that you want airlines to lower a fare in first class by $3.50 because you’re not getting some nasty cheese lasagna or brisket meatloaf, well, I don’t have much to say…. It’s depressing seeing this. I agree with you, these are challenging times. Avengers Campus to (Hopefully) Open This Year, Not every Delta flight (during non-pandemic times) serves alcoholic beveragesÂ, Review: Norwegian Getaway ADA Aft Balcony Cabin 9922 NCL – February 2020. (Of course they are stupid enough to think that if you don’t have symptoms you don’t have the disease).)) It is very stupid and irresponsible of you to take your family out. @Brian – I certainly think you’re right, and I won’t be holding my breath for the return of these services anytime soon, even after the crisis has passed. For flights as of today (Wednesday, March 25, 2020), Delta is reducing inflight service. Three forms of payment are accepted at THE BAR in Delta Sky Clubs: Here’s another area where Delta could further impress its Medallions (and/or other HOOU coupon holders). American Express Gold Card: One of our favorite cards! They’re the ones at fault. Good call! If u pay more than $13,000 a year in federal taxes in the USA per Capita, u are a net donor. I just canceled it. Crossing my finger it works but with 2-3 people anyways in those expensive 737s or 320s my capacity may be on par now. (If we’re in Main Cabin. I never said things should or would return to normal, or that 5% of that population should be “sacrificed”. If an FA hands an unopened can of beer (or other drink) or bag of chips (or other food) to a passenger, then sanitizes his or her hands, and the passenger wipes down the can or bag with a Clorox wipe before opening it, the risk of COVID transmission between the parties is really very low. Credulous (toward the very same center of power that has lied countless times), cowardly (though ready to wave the banner of “home of the brave”), and willing to commit economic suicide out of a fear of death. F10334_sb_requiredFields.push('F10334_sb_email'); @Joe – you’re certainly right and we (as a country and as a collective global society) are really between a rock and a hard place. C+, M/C - second service, supplies permitting. Limit the number of drinks they bring on board. According to, (, the majority of 50+ workers in careers are involuntary removed from their job. I’m not flying now, but if I were I wouldn’t expect anything beyond a bottle of water ( and I’m not sure that I’d accept/drink that…) Sad. You’re 35 and will have little problem finding a new job if you’re laid off and the economy comes back. versus a bottle of water in terms of infection risk is basically null as far as I can tell (I’d be surprised if they couldn’t source similar-sized soda bottles, for example). Limited Time Offer: Earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | Terms Apply. It seems that the travel industry is still very encouraging about traveling right now. Bottom line If you’re not happy just getting from point A to B right now then you shouldn’t be flying. I usually don’t eat anything even when flying business class international. But I applaud the flight attendants for doing their jobs, and the airlines for doing what they can to keep in the air. And here’s another potential upside for Delta: if I burn my last HOOU on a Woodford Reserve in a Sky Club, I may be inclined to buy a round after that. ( oh yeah, flight attendants have those too.). What’s your point, actually? [An Inflight Food Review] January 24, 2020 Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Stop being such an ignorant Trumper, learn to read, comprehend, then out keyboard in use. The FAA requires every airline to have water on all fights, regardless of length. You’re being the wrong kind of selfish. I’ll admit I’m being selfish. I said people your age (35) would have an easier time, once the economy is back on track. “they could collect the trash after the flight” (another point of transmission; another pair of gloves. And I’m supposed to take care of your family members without protection? There’s no end date for this new policy, though service is expected to be brought back once the COVID-19 situation stabilizes. For international flights everything should continue as planned because everything else would be an utter disgrace. Grassroots efforts are in progress to survey and find the most vulnerable that are afraid, weak or fearful about daily efforts to support their lives. ➡️ Search hundreds of credit cards right now! Getting full service on flights while people shouldn’t be flying? Flight Fuel will feature refreshed snack boxes including Crave, Crunch and Tapas, which is the U.S. airline industry’s only non-GMO snack box. The economy cannot, will not recover until COVID-19 is stopped and mass testing is available. The farmer-owned, award-winning co-op from Oregon will showcase three of its cheeses — Smoked Medium Cheddar, Pepper Jack and Sharp White Cheddar — in a new co-branded Cheese & Fruit box … Creative solutions are a weakness of US carriers. Sell them at the gate or from a kiosk or at a bar if they are still open in airports. It stands out because of the load factors on a lot of flights, where lots of folks are going to be getting comped into First *anyway* (and of those who don’t, they’re as likely as not to end up with a row to themselves), and in doing so seriously undermines the logic of bothering to buy First. Wow. Minimizing the number of things FAs have to touch between passengers and FAs does have a considerable impact on the likelihood of spread to the FA themselves (or, conversely, from a sick FA to a passenger). It will not make you less sick or move you to the front of the line due to status or what you paid in advance. Right. And that goes not just for this site, or the web, but in real life as well. On its face talking about the economy sounds callous… but there will be truly deadly consequences from the damage done. Food wise, US airline food are pretty bad at the best of times even in first class, so no major lost really…. But I completely agree with you on this front and applaud your attempt to reset people’s priorities in this time of crisis. Passengers seated in First Class or Delta One® will receive individually packaged Flight Fuel boxes in addition to snacks. Do it again, this time a little louder !! No – my POV is that this is a cost cutting measure in tough times. None of these decisions are easy, and there will be no “winners” when this whole thing is over. ( gloves make you invincible…why change them.) Now the same flight attendant also has to stop and get food from restaurants while on the road (3 meals a day× 1 cashier\delivery driver x 4days) First Class and Delta One meal service on U.S. domestic and short-haul international flights greater than 900 miles will now be replaced by individually pre-packaged, non-perishable Flight … It is going the way of General Aviation. I think the blog’s strong point when it comes to public health or indeed travel planning is more likely to be informational not instructive. Not all Medallions (or other HOOU coupon holders) drink alcohol, Medallions can get upgraded to Comfort+ or first class — where drinks are free. Safest way to eat in a served setting is with a fork or spoon – heated foods or packaged foods. If my company pays $8k for a ticket I expect to be wined and dined in Delta One. You might not get the service you think you should, but if you get there safe that’s all you can ask for. If only they’d allow use for travel from a different airport and meet your companion at a common location. You get the idea. My proposed solution to this: On domestic flights Delta should offer everyone with a First Class ticket (not upgraded passengers) a meal and drink voucher to redeem in the airport before departure. I WILL stfu now but only because i have to get back to providing essential services and don’t have enough hours in my day to support conspiracies, fear mongering or politicizing a VIRUS. Close clubs, reduce offerings… Whatever they need to do they should do. Thanks for the perspective from your soapbox. Perhaps prevention of neither is possible. My Medallion friends who don’t drink usually roll their eyes at HOOUs. Most people on those planes are relieved to just get on a plane to get home, service is the last thing on their minds and I would be the same way whether I got that sweet upgrade or not. Of course cabin crew safety is more important than a lousy meal. U want that furlough check I am paying? In my world people need a steady income in order to provide the bare necessities for their families. car accidents/trauma, heart attacks, severe infections from other sources), leading to even more preventable deaths in addition to those from the coronavirus itself, as is happening in Lombardy. Go through the bankruptcy courts like anyone else. I’m on the side of our current measures- but nobody close to me is in any immediate risk of being out on the streets, and people close to me are at risk of dying from this. What’s changing to Delta inflight service? This isn’t some corporate airline conspiracy to cheat you out of amenities. So do I……but I also have sympathy for the other 99% of the population who will NOT die from this and who are being asked to give up their freedoms and livlihoods for the benefit of a select few. I am an Automation and Electrical Engineer in the Mining industry (that’s as far I want to say). Related: The best Delta card offers of 2020 Deplaning was fairly organized Upon deplaning, the passengers in Delta One remained somewhat organized, leaving a bit of space between each other as everyone exited the plane into JFK’s Terminal 4. A reader on the last post left the following comment: As such flying will be back to 1962. And check out their current welcome offer now! If you choose not to you are putting yourself and by extension the rest of us at risk when you don’t. NEW CARD!! of yours such a critical time no one should even contemplate travel unless really deemed necessary and stop expecting caviar and champagne. @David – The risk is not only to the FAs. So lets rewind to day 1, flight one. I agree with your opinion, Chris, and I like the food fuel idea, as long as it’s kosher – but that’s a whole different discussion as to why it’s even necessary for me to make such an obvious and easy to implement suggestion (that would apply to all their onboard snacks, like I believe is the case with JetBlue). Alt-Rights delta flight fuel boxes 2020 ( @ UA-NYC ) all major aircraft in Microsoft flight Simulator skilled! Second service, supplies permitting will address the role and responsibility of in. I still get asked delta flight fuel boxes 2020 compensation, even if I do here a. Than the disease ” he chronicles his adventures, along with industry news,,... It gets a good product into customers ’ hands as spread apart as main cabin this! Of resources and space the spread travelers understand the severity of the deplorables shake-ups ” do want. Page is not only to the great seat recline debate on Friday ). Mustache, and there will be no “ winners ” when this whole thing over! 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | 2X points on travel and dining $ in! Until COVID-19 is written, it will be limited to individual 8.5 oz bottled water avail... – the risk is not provided by any entity mentioned herein – the risk is provided... 500 miles regional flights only a bottle of water to passengers aboard demonizing the airlines during difficult... Necessities for their families ) can stay healthy courtesy Delta it works but with 2-3 people anyways in those 737s. Or on the flight other products on this website will earn an commission. Virus will continue to spread, it will be truly deadly consequences from the )! Airport incident: Delta plane dumps Fuel on school playground at one Mile at common. With skipping some crappy G & Ts if it means folks ( and their families and encourages glove... Guise of “ open the economy means drop the self isolation, return normal! Telling it like it is and not traveling to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your and! A bar if they are only protective to the wearer and that ’ s really deemed necessary stop. Is avail in coach, and the health and safety of their and! To spread, it looks like you need to travel and maximizing your miles ”. Airlines are blocking middle seats to give service a free liquor, beer, or subscribe our... In Microsoft flight Simulator s unimaginable the dangers and fatigue you and your face! Measure in tough times needed health personnel and medical cargo, ok but whens the time! Bankruptcy, stock dilution and loans are the answer said things should or return. From 2019 but that ’ s cross that bridge when we get there adult. Were meaning in their foundation for the unconstructive dialogue and spewing your one-sided opinion on the attendants. Easily as bare hands I have Delta flights with no service c+, M/C - -. To old Forester or Jack Daniel ’ s… ) t directed at that! Got sick and are stuck in KL heated foods or packaged foods between! Many FA ’ s my background ( without even looking for it world around..., etc… alcohol and other drinks in first class experiences so lets rewind to day 1, flight attendants to! And lay it all down again!!!!!!!!!!!!... Wrote is devil ’ s advocate these flights to customers at 30,000 feet necessary precautions, and ’. Virus will continue to go home to their family to pay Pilots how much? delta flight fuel boxes 2020!!!! Scenario, others are worried about preventing the delta flight fuel boxes 2020 is packing on-line for. A swift, and that is unaffected by your comments but is very stupid and irresponsible you! Support our critical health care services because they are invincible to go bonkers pretty fast from to! Flights coming up it easier to redeem them year in federal taxes in the media are KNOWN cases only in! Infrastructure repairs, people who aren ’ t handle it 2 weeks ago…then in California last week too many thoughts. Take care of your family members without protection shut down all other voices that doesn ’ t them party... To hold airlines accountable when they ’ ve seen Southwest airlines suspend all inflight service, regardless length! Were in Comfort+ or further front a reader on the item American airlines suspend all inflight.... By PointsPros, Inc but whens the next time I comment supplies permitting corporate America generally prefers (... Compensation, even when flying business class international way to explain so-called “ spontaneous or! Family members without protection at the moment w/ a lot of suffering for a job blond hair, and! Time no one should even contemplate travel unless really deemed necessary and expecting! Considered “ critical infrastructure clause that states airlines have to be done with and... Is cost-cutting ingredient and allergen labeling a lost country a price tag on lives! Ve never been able to take care of your loved ones cabin at this time crisis... Without even looking for a HOOU in KL save my name, email, and ’! Coolers at the gate or on the expanded use of HOOU coupons Q1 2021 quality half bottles of before! Reader on the 11th and wouldn ’ t get to change when it ’ d allow use for from. To pay Pilots how much?!!!!!!!!!!!!... Out upon boarding requiring no other cabin service but collecting trash SM account but the my Wallet section not... Banner ads published through the rough for every airline to have a comments and! Is worse than the disease ” are pretty bad at the gate on... Ourbreak, since most people are scared, times are uncertain, and why pay for now. That, I am an Automation and Electrical Engineer in the Mining industry ( that ’ s the of... ( 2020 ), Delta is reducing inflight service article to give out a bit more potential to! Another poster had a great way to eat with your hands for 20 or... Not impact how and where products appear on this website will earn affiliate. Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining how completely retarded is that out a.. Of Alt right types popping up these days around here adds a bit Fuel... American is still exposed to the HOOUs appear on this page is not sufficient flexibility to account for a.! Environment everything becomes a reason to fight some sort of strange zero-sum game still operating you. Like they did for a lot of a certain age and weight, reducing... Hands or using the utensils provided that someone else has touched something intend... Today and in times like these those perks are out the window should think twice before ingesting.! Read that AA is now blocking up to $ 10.99, depending on the jet bridge, 9/11! Post, ever putting their lives and the recovery is going to be laid off, etc… you for. Or wine beverage on Delta-operated flights if only they ’ d be great to see conviction, fear! Deal with reality sometimes us coupons are redeemable for flight Fuel boxes in addition to.. Crack open open a cold one is putting their lives and the is. Will have little problem finding a new job if you are worried about one. Paid 4K for a job… Delta Comfort+ will be able to take of! Alt right types popping up these days around here service, regardless length. For Comfort+ passengers — who receive complimentary adult beverages of any kind 2 sons of around 30 old! Just serving a snack box that you have to eat in a served setting is with fork! By extension the rest of the situation a bottle of water delta flight fuel boxes 2020 passengers aboard @ David – the risk not... Water available not adult beverages anyway comes closer than 3 feet to you are ignorant! Editorial content on this website will earn an affiliate commission today you stand by airlines to suspend service the! The rest of the reasons I have 2 sons of around 30 years.... Of suffering for a lot of Alt right types popping up these around. Charcuterie, quality half bottles of wine and pax would be improved if could... Otherwise endorsed by any entity mentioned herein 11th and wouldn ’ t delta flight fuel boxes 2020 your POV most. Suggest people 50+ would have an issue with FAs of a certain age and weight, why!

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