strontium reaction with water

Res., 62(9): 989–991. Chang, C.T., You, C.F., Aggarwal, S.K., Chung, C.H., Chao, H.C. and Liu, H.C. (2015). (1991). (2011). Kidney Int., 56(5): 1886–1892. Based on available data, approximately 1% of private wells (~ 1800) will be impacted by the proposed MAC. Ann. pp. Assoc. UCMR 3 laboratory approval requirements and information document. Relationship of metal metabolism to vascular disease mortality rates in Texas. Strontium, where measured in BC drinking water, has typically been found in low concentrations, with occasional pockets of elevated results. Bone, 18(3): 253–259. Before flat-screen televisions, strontium was used in the production of television tubes, and is currently used in the production of ceramics, glass products, fluorescent Sci. (2014). Dental caries and strontium concentration in drinking water and surface enamel. Determination of trace elements in waters and wastes by inductively coupled plasma - mass spectrometry. Br. Biomed. Concise international chemical assessment document 77. International Programme on Chemical Safety, World Health Organization. Bone, 57(1): 184–193. EPA 402-R-99-004B. Effects of oral supplementation with stable strontium. Schafer, A. I., Waite, T. D., and Fane, A. G (Eds). J. Contam. ICRP 23 (3–4). Joint Dis., 13(1): 59–66. Clifford, D., Sorg, T. and Ghurye, G. (2011). Technol, 47: 5171. In terms of cancer classification, the U.S. EPA’s Integrated Risk Information System has indicated that “there is inadequate information to assess the carcinogenic potential of strontium due to the lack of adequate studies of chronic duration” (U.S. EPA, 2014). Removal of radionuclides at a waterworks. Available at: Metab. Strontium & Well Water What is Strontium? Reginster, J.Y., Neuprez, A., Dardenne, N., Beaudart, C., Emonts, P. and Bruyere, O. SCC (2015). and Rizzoli, R. (2015). Sign up Free. Trace Elem. Sci., 369(1–2): 188. Waste Manag., 20: 545. Are we monitoring in the right places for metals and radionuclides? Nutr., 19: 111–117. Res., 145(1): 39–46. (iii) One of the products of the electrolysis of concentrated aqueous strontium chloride is chlorine. Dis., 73(6): 1037–1043. ik the equations are: SrO (s) + H2O (aq) ---> Sr(OH)2 (aq) Chronic Dis., 25(9): 491–517. EPA/600/R-06/005), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC. Calcium, for example, reacts fairly vigorously with cold water in an exothermic reaction. Strontium is found mostly on the surface of bone in quantities 1,000 to 2,000 times less than that of calcium. Understanding variation in partition coefficient, Kd Values. Ober, J.A. Med. Alternative practitioners believe that strontium supplements can prevent osteoporosis because a similar medication, cal… J. Clin. Gerke, T.L., Little, B.J. Header search input. There were no Canadian Footnote a or international reports of heart or circulatory side effects associated with the strontium salt forms licensed in Canada, including strontium citrate, strontium lactate, and strontium gluconate, at the time of the review. Perinat. Marie, P.J. Health Canada (2009). The study chosen to derive the health-based value (HBV) in drinking water is Marie et al. 425 mg/kg bw per day is the NOAEL for calcification defects (Marie et al., 1985); 300 is the uncertainty factor (UF) — × 10 for interspecies variability, × 10 for intraspecies variability, × 3 for database deficiencies (absence of complete developmental toxicity studies in any species). Scand. Gerke, T.L., Little, B.J., Luxton, T.P., Scheckel, K.G. Strontium-calcium interrelationships in the growing rat. Hood (ed.). Public Health Rev., 32: 267–283. (1992). Bone, 11(5): 313–319. Importance of pipe deposits to Lead and Copper Rule compliance. Reinholt, F.P., Hjerpe, A., Jansson, K. and Engfeldt, B. J. Toxicol. (2014). Kidney Blood Press. Osteoporos. Office of Air and Radiation. 22nd edition. Health Canada (1994). Biol. Invented name Protelos. Strontium has not been assessed for carcinogenicity by the IARC or the NTP. Based on strontium's chemical properties, exposure to strontium from drinking water would only be a concern from ingestion—it is not expected to be a concern through either inhalation or dermal absorption. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION. J. There would be a minor cost if new wells identified strontium exceedances at the source. Chemistry (b) Strontium metal and water react. Sr. Chemical Processing . Li, Z., Peng, S., Pan, H., Tang, B., Lam, R.W. Human health risk assessment for priority substances. J. Endocrinol. Toxicological profile for strontium. Spatial distribution of the trace elements zinc, strontium and lead in human bone tissue. J. U.S.G.S. (2015). Selective strontium removal from a sodium nitrate aqueous medium by nanofiltration - complexation. Effects of strontium on the physicochemical characteristics of hydroxyapatite. Iridium-based mixed metal oxide phases have been shown as promising electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) because of their ability to stabilize unique Ir-based surface sites with modulated properties and improved activity. Different forms of strontium have been suggested to both inhibit bone resorption and stimulate bone formation at low doses in animals (Ferraro et al., 1983; Marie and Hott, 1986; Marie et al., 1993; Grynpas et al., 1996) and humans (EMA, 2005), and the effects are likely to vary depending on the age of the individual. (2011). Prot., 35(3): 659–676. Munns, C.F., Shaw, N., Kiely, M., Specker, B.L., Thacher, T.D., Ozono, K. et al. Global consensus recommendations on prevention and management of nutritional rickets. Can. Environ. U.S. EPA (1999). Considérant les résultats d'analyse disponibles, les impacts attendus de l’ajout d’une norme pour le strontium à la réglementation québécoise, en fonction de la recommandation publiée par Santé Canada, seraient faibles. Biol. In fact, the authors stated that they documented defective bone mineralization, with strontium clearly impairing the mineralization at the highest dose (634 mg/kg per day), and that no effects were observed at 425 mg/kg per day. 473–480. At least 140,000 ton is exploited annually. Queen’s Printer for Ontario. Phone: +971 4 429 5853 e-mail:, Copyright © 1998-2021 Lenntech B.V. All rights reserved, Plant Inspection & Process Optimalisation, Separation and Concentration Purification Request, elements and their interaction with water. Svanstrom, H., Pasternak, B. and Hviid, A. Environment Canada (2014). A MAC of 7.0 mg/L is proposed for strontium in drinking water. and Degteva, M.O. Gen. Physiol. 102 It is therefore not surprising that among the trace metals present in human bone, strontium was the only one that was correlated with bone compressive strength. Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory, Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, Ohio 45268. Examples include strontium carbonate with a water solubility of 10 mg/L, and strontium chromate with a water solubility of 9 mg/L. Phoenix, Arizona. Chilton, Didcot, Oxfordshire. It … (2009). The following reaction mechanism is applicable: Sr (s) + 2H2O (g) -> Sr(OH)2 (aq) + H2 (g), Solubility of strontium and strontium compounds. Hazard. Saisie no 2012-SA-0262. J. Environ. Schock, M.R., Cantor, A.F., Triantafyllidou, S., Desantis, M.K. Bureau of Chemical Safety, Health Products and Food Branch, Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. Calcium deficiency is rare in Canadian young children (<2.6% aged 1–3 years); however, a high proportion of Canadian adolescents have been reported with calcium deficiency (>60% aged 9–18 years) (Statistics Canada, 2004). Microarchitecture and nanomechanical properties of trabecular bone after strontium administration in osteoporotic goats. Biol., 23(7): 366–369. (1978). Verberckmoes, S.C., Behets, G.J., Oste, L., Bervoets, A.R., Lamberts, L.V., Drakopoulos, M., Somogyi, A., Cool, P., Dorrine, W., De Broe, M.E. Am. A. Strontium and caries: a long and complicated relationship. The focus of this document is limited to strontium’s chemical properties. The strontium metal sinks in water and after a short while bubbles of hydrogen are evident, stuck to the surface of the metal. Ann. Sci., 36(6): 829. Chem., 286(27): 23771–23779. (2006). Kostial, K., Gruden, N. and Durakovic, A. Environ. Division of Safety and Radiation Protection, Berichte des Forschungszentrums Jülich (ed.). Before formal adoption of any drinking water standard for strontium in Saskatchewan, the WSA will conduct further studies to determine the occurrence and level of exposure to strontium by examining various water sources and treatment technologies in the province. 5.4. Moreover, changes in the lattice structure were observed, affecting bond distances and angles. Tan, E.L., Williams, M.W., Schenley, R.L., Perdue, S.W., Hayden, T.L., Turner, J.E. (1967). Age-dependent doses to members of the public from intake of radionuclides - Part 2 ingestion dose coefficients. ProQuest, Chicago, Illinois. Biophys., 35(1): 13–23. Res., 8(5): 607–615. For the reasons cited above, the NOAEL approach is chosen to derive the POD, based on the most sensitive and comprehensive health endpoint, decreased bone mineralization in young rats (Marie et al., 1985). Am. (2012). Nutrient intakes from food. (ed.). U.S. Dept. Int., 25(2): 737–745. and Napier, B.A. Un total de 30 (2,3 %) des échantillons prélevés ont présenté un résultat supérieur à la CMA proposée de 7 mg/L (7000 μg/L), ce qui touche 26 (2,1 %) puits individuels ou installations de production d’eau potable échantillonnés. J. Biol. 7. Lippert, F. and Hara, A.T. (2013). Am. Available at: documents/2014AWWAStrontiumBriefingPaper.pdf . National Research Council (U.S.) (1995). ASTM (2010). A comparative evaluation of ionsiv® ie-911 and chabazite zeolite for the removal of radiostrontium and cesium from wastewater. Kirsch, T., Wang, W. and Pfander, D. (2003). Apostoaei, A.I. Strontium and strontium compounds. Strontium metal burns in air to produce both strontium oxide and strontium nitride , but since it does not react with nitrogen below 380 °C, at room temperature, it forms only the oxide spontaneously. Average dietary intakes (µg/kg bw/day) of trace elements for Canadians in different age/sex groups for Total Diet Study. Caries Res., 47(1): 34–49. A review on strontium ranelate long-term antifracture efficacy in the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Kanematsu, N., Hara, M. and Kada, T. (1980). Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) (ed.). Also, SrR has been shown to increase and reduce the expression of positive and negative regulators of bone synthesis by bone cells, respectively (Hamdy, 2009; Hurtel et al., 2009). U.S. EPA (2014). (2016). Tissue Int., 47(3): 136–141. Minor elements in Canadian soils. De Beers Canada (2013). and Maynard, L. (2013). I.A. (1977). Chem., 268(2): 221–230. Strontium ranelate reduces the risk of vertebral fracture in young postmenopausal women with severe osteoporosis. Sutton, A., Shepherd, H., Harrison, G.E. Strontium. Ann. Technol., 73(7): 1628–1636. Plants contains between 3 and 400 ppm strontium (dry mass). (2012). Based on the TDI calculated above, Health Canada has derived a HBV for strontium in drinking water, based on non-breastfed infants, as follows: The HBV is 6.613 mg/L, rounded to 7.0 mg/L. The reaction is quicker than that of calcium (immediately above strontium in the periodic table) but slower than that of barium (immediately below strontium in the periodic table). Version 2. What are the health effects of strontium in water? and Hsie, A.W. It insulates X-rays that occur from electric radiation in the cathode ray tube. Excretion and retention of stable strontium in children. Finally, rats treated with strontium had lower serum parathyroid hormone, potentially lowering bone remodelling and decreasing renal calcium reabsorption (Oste et al., 2005). Spencer, B.B., Wang, H. and Anderson, K.K. Li, W.B., Höllriegl, V., Roth, P. and Oeh, U. Public systems include municipal and registered supplies. Dose-dependent effects of strontium on osteoblast function and mineralization. There is currently no requirement for routine monitoring of strontium for large public drinking water systems in Yukon. Protelos/Osseor to remain available but with further restrictions. Water Works Assoc., 106(7), E336–E349. reference dose for chronic oral exposure (RfD). Intravenous strontium gluconate as a kinetic marker for calcium in healthy volunteers. Available at:, Friedman, M.J., Hill, A.S., Reiber, S.H., Valentine, R.L., Larsen, G., Young, A., Korshin, G.V. The binding of strontium, a larger atom than calcium, and the higher carbonate content of the mineral can expand and change the structure of the apatite lattice, decrease crystal formation and growth, and increase the hydroxyapatite solubility—possibly decreasing the bone matrice stability during bone resorption processes, increasing dissolution (Skoryna, 1981; Christoffersen et al., 1997; Cabrera et al., 1999; Verberckmoes et al., 2004; Oste et al., 2005). Infidelity of DNA synthesis as related to mutagenesis and carcinogenesis. (2011). Sato, I., Kudo, H. and Tsuda, S. (2010). Strontium adsorption and desorption reactions in model drinking water distribution system. Strontium alters the complexed acidic phospholipid content of mineralizing tissues. Clifford, D.A. Dis., 67(12): 1736–1738. A review of available data suggests that the proposed Canadian guideline for strontium in drinking water, a MAC of 7.0 mg/L, would not have any significant impact on Manitoba’s public and semi-public water systems. J. and Degteva, M.O. Child., 75(6): 524–526. Ozgur, S., Sumer, H. and Kocoglu, G. (1996). Skougstad, M.W. (2003). In addition, the bone mineralization endpoint is considered a precursor effect to bone defects, which might not necessarily translate into rickets. Decomposes by acids and solution of ammonium chloride. and Vennart, J. Verliefde, A.R.D., Cornelissen, E.R., Heijman, S.G.J., Verberk, J.Q.J.C., Amy, G.L., Van Der Bruggen, B. and Van Dijk, J.C. (2008). Finally, the BMD models had poor variance (p-value of 0.02 for adequacy of variance) suggesting they would not be optimal to use in the current context. J. Personal communication with C. Mosher. It reacts with water to form strontium hydroxide and give off gaseous hydrogen. Storey, E. (1968). Access 3.5 million answers at $2/month. Radioactive 89Sris applied in nuclear physics and in nuclear medicine. Ther., 9: 2725–2734. Treatment technology to meet the interim primary drinking water regulations for inorganics: Part 5. Available at: . Int., 14 Suppl 3: S56–65. Water Works Assoc., 72 (7):411–422. Res., 25(4): 891–900. Dong, D., Derry, L.A. and Lion, L.W. Skoryna, S.C. (1981). Of the 178 groundwater sources in the province, 60 (34%) are protected under the Water Resources Act. Contributions from other sources are not expected to be significant for this age group; and. National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, Washington, D.C. Avis relatif à une évaluation des risques sanitaires liés à la présence de strontium dans les eaux destinées à la consommation humaine. Res., 64(12): 1386–1388. (2009). Christoffersen, J., Christoffersen, M.R., Kolthoff, N. and Bärenholdt, O. Chem., 188(1): 137–143. Harrison, G.E., Sutton, A., Shepherd, H. and Widdowson, E.M. (1965). J., 10(1): 32. Human biokinetics of strontium. and Sardin, M. (2002). Rb (p, 4n) 82. 111 pp. Schock, M. and Lytle, D. (2011). J. (2012). Osborne, V., Layton, D., Perrio, M., Wilton, L. and Shakir, S.A. (2010). Metab., 101(2): 394–415. Bone, 35(3): 583–588. Metals and minerals. Proceedings of the American Water Works Association Water Quality Technology Conference & Exposure. (1984). Strontium concentrations and isotope ratios in enamel of healthy and carious teeth in southern Shaanxi, China. (2013). Acta Pathol. Bull. While similar in nature to calcium, strontium is not an essential mineral and is found in comparatively small amounts compared to calcium. Method 3500-Sr C Inductively Coupled Plasma Method [2]. U. S. A., 105(19): 6834–6839. American Water Works Association, Denver, Colorado. Trace element levels in human milk. Acta Pathol. The effects of strontium ranelate on the risk of vertebral fracture in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. Najm, I. Evaluation of synthetic inorganic ion exchangers for cesium and strontium removal from contaminated groundwater and wastewater. Ind. American Water Works Association, Denver, Colorado. Effect of strontium on the epiphyseal cartilage plate of rat tibiae-histological and radiographic studies. Manganese deposition in drinking water distribution systems. Chemosphere, 89: 764–768. Strontium increases vertebral bone volume in rats at a low dose that does not induce detectable mineralization defect. It has the atomic symbol Sr, atomic number 38, and atomic weight 87.62. American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association and Water Environment Federation,  Washington, DC. The parathyroid hormone  plays a key role in bone remodelling by stimulating both bone formation and resorption via the maturation of osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Human pharmacokinetics of orally administered strontium. National long-term water quality monitoring data. Summary safety review - strontium - risk of heart and circulatory side effects. Unstable isotopes of strontium that decay or disintegrate spontaneously emitting radiation. Herein, the effect of crystal structure on the OER activity of Sr iridate particles is explored. PID=4604. … SOR/2003-196. Pharmacol., 31(4): 423–427. Boron and strontium isotope ratios and major/trace elements concentrations in tea leaves at four major tea growing gardens in Taiwan. (1993). J. Clin. J. This could be an issue is small and/or remote communities. Int., 16(12): 1864–1870. It reacts with water quicker than calcium, which is placed directly above strontium in the periodic chart, and slower than barium, placed directly below strontium. Microbiol. Electrolytes, electromotive force, and chemical equilibrium. (1977) study could be due to strontium stimulation of the calcium-sensing receptor in thyroid C-cells, although this hypothesis has not been tested. El-Rahman, K.M., El-Kamash, A.M., El-Sourougy, M.R. Chapter 20 in: Water quality and treatment: a handbook on drinking water. Long-term treatment with strontium ranelate increases vertebral bone mass without deleterious effect in mice. Initially the fizzing of hydrogen looks similar in reactivity to lithium although the strontium hydroxide product isn’t as soluble and causes the reaction to slow a little. International Radiation Protection Association. Exp., 51(7): 906–911. MacMillan, J.P., Park, J.W., Gerstenberg, R., Wagner, H., Köhler, K. and Wallbrecht, P. (2000). Nielsen, S.P. ISBN-978-0-85951-621-1. Endocrinol. Water Works Assoc., 46(7): 643–654. This value is clearly higher for mineral water. Strontium is non-toxic and a daily intake of about 0.8-5 mg through food is harmless, when it only contains non-radioactive strontium. Effect of stable strontium on the tissue alkaline and acid phosphatase activities of rat: feeding studies. The risk of radioactive strontium intake is mainly based on its carcinogenic and mutagenic mechanism, problems that occur in cell division, and possible increased infant mortality. Sep. Purif. Evaluating ion exchange for removing radium from groundwater. Exp. Krishnan, K. and Carrier, R. (2013). (i) Write a word equation for the reaction of zinc and water and state the reaction conditions. of the Interior, Washington. Cabrera, W.E., Schrooten, I., De Broe, M.E. NSF 06/23/EPADWCTR (EPA/600/R-06/101), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC. 6th edition. Effects of strontium ions on growth and dissolution of hydroxyapatite and on bone mineral detection. Engineering and Statistical Research Institute Contribution No. Bone Miner. Shibata, S. and Yamashita, Y. For municipal supplies, we evaluated strontium data from 41 surface water and 37 groundwater supplies for the last ten years. Achal, V., Pan, X. and Zhang, D. (2012). Tech.-AQUA, 63(6): 449. (2010). Grynpas, M.D. Gerke, T.L., Little, B.J., Luxton, T.P., Scheckel, K.G., and Maynard, J.B. and Szabo, J. Health, 2(6): 1297–1304. Richards, L., Richards, B. and Schäfer, A. Expression and signal transduction of calcium-sensing receptors in cartilage and bone. The U.S. National Research Council has reported that 0.5% calcium was the minimum concentration to maximize bone mineralization during growth of rats, that 3.5% calcium (with calcium:phosphorus ratio of 0.9) can be sufficient for normal rat growth, and that signs of deficiency can be observed below 0.3% (National Research Council, 1995; Bollen and Bai, 2005). Paediatr. Book 5, Chapter A1. The most significant strontium mineral is celestite (strontium sulphate; SrSO4), followed by strontianite (strontium carbonate; SrCO3). Bone metastases. McGraw-Hill, New York, New York. In: Industrial minerals & rocks: commodities, markets, and uses. Strontium distribution and interactions with bone mineral in monkey iliac bone after strontium salt (S 12911) administration. (2010). Invest., 40: 1809–1825. Strontium has been shown to lower calcium serum levels and to be concentrated at the osteoid calcification front (Schrooten et al., 1998; Shibata and Yamashita, 2001). Consequently, the larger part of absorbed strontium is inserted in bones. Sr(s)+ 2 H2O(l)Sr(OH)2(aq)+ H2(g) Quantitative analysis. A novel cation-sensing mechanism in osteoblasts is a molecular target for strontium. Rec assay and mutagenicity studies on metal compounds. Low calcium intake and/or vitamin D deficiency are recognized causes of rickets (Munns et al., 2016). Roux, C., Fechtenbaum, J., Kolta, S., Isaia, G., Andia, J.B. and Devogelaer, J.P. (2007). Hydrol., 79: 1–24. The role of electrostatic interactions on the rejection of organic solutes in aqueous solutions with nanofiltration. Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater, 21st edition. Personal communication with H. Khan. and D'Haese, P.C. Höllriegl, V., Röhmu, M., Oeh, J., Werner, E. and Roth, P. (2004). (2014). The strontium levels in Canadian drinking water will vary greatly depending on geological formations and anthropogenic activities, including mining and manufacturing operations. Technol., 38(20): 5365–5372. Health Canada (available upon request). 4.4. Bortun, A.I., Bortun, L.N. Radiat. (2002). Bone Miner. (2010). (2005). Thermal conductivity of IONSIV IE-911 crystalline silicotitanate and Savannah River waste simulant solutions, ORNL/TM-2000/285, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee. Water Works Assoc., 77(5): 60–66. Personal communication from A.-M. Tugulea. Hence, the co-occurrence of high levels of calcium could be protective from the adverse effects of strontium on bone; however, the current database does not allow adjusting the strontium HBV as a function of calcium intake or water concentration. American Water Works Association. J. Biol. Strontium is a bone-seeking element, of which 98% in the human body can be found in the skeleton. Electrolyte Metab., 11(1): 5–13. and Borer, J.S. ETV report: Removal of chemical contaminants in drinking water - EcoWater systems incorporated ERO-R450E Drinking Water Treatment System. Compston, J. (2015a). It has no specific function, but it is absorbed because of its similarity to calcium. El-Kamash, A.M. (2008). Brown, J., Hammond, D., and Wilkins, T.Y. (2013). Kikuchi, H., Iwane, S., Munakata, A., Tamura, K., Nakaji, S. and Sugawara, K. (1999). Radiochemistry, 56(1): 32–37. Adsorption characterization of strontium on PAN/Zeolite composite adsorbent. PLoS One, 10(5): e0127451. (v) Suggest how the rate of reaction changes when the same mass of calcium is used but in smaller pieces..... [1] (b) The solution formed at the end of the reaction between strontium and water is alkaline. In terms of drinking water treatment, recent studies have shown that higher pressure membrane treatment systems such as reverse osmosis and nanofiltration can effectively remove strontium from drinking water. and D'Haese, P.C. Xu, C., Liu, Q., Liu, H., Heroux, P., Zhang, Q., Jiang, Z.Y. Strontium is highly reactive. Osteoblasts play key roles in the mechanisms of action of strontium ranelate. Water Sci. Incidence of venous thromboembolism in users of strontium ranelate: an analysis of data from a prescription-event monitoring study in England. Chen, L.J., Tang, L.Y., He, J.R., Su, Y., Cen, Y.L., Yu, D.D., Wu, B.H., Lin, Y., Chen, W.Q., Song, E.W. Sorption of iodine, cesium, and strontium radionuclides on alkaline-earth hydroxyphosphates from aqueous solutions. The human body contains approximately 4.6 ppm strontium. Bone, 45(2): 200–206. Sci., 8(3): 180–191. Bone effects are accentuated in low-calcium diets; however, bone anomalies were also observed at normal levels of calcium (up to 1.6%). (1961). An Akt-dependent increase in canonical Wnt signaling and a decrease in sclerostin protein levels are involved in strontium ranelate-induced osteogenic effects in human osteoblasts. This product is then divided by 0.75 L. A reference dose of 0.3 mg/kg bw per day and a health reference level of 1500 µg/L were calculated by the U.S. EPA (2014) based on the decreased bone calcification rate in male weanling rats. This is calculated by multiplying 1.417 mg/kg bw per day by 7 kg, then by 0.50. Calcium versus strontium handling by the heart muscle. Strontium exists as a mixture of four naturally occurring radioisotopes that are all being considered weakly radioactive. ANSES (2013). Ion Exch., 15(5): 909–929. Soil Science Society of America. Health B Crit. Cooper, C., Fox, K.M. Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (2015). Sep. Sci. Effects of stable strontium administration on calcium metabolism with particular reference to low calcium diet. A multi-element profile of housedust in relation to exterior dust and soils in the city of Ottawa, Canada. Curr. Schock, M.R. The relation between caries prevalence and strontium concentrations in drinking water, plaque, and surface enamel. Radiation Protection Bureau, Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch, Ottawa, Ontario. Wet chemical separation of strontium . Arch. Int., 26(6): 1667–1671. Pharmacol., 157(7): 1291–1300. Liang, S., Morton, R., Tang, C., Barry, J., Knapp, T. and Smal, N. (2011). Vitamin D–deficiency rickets among children in Canada. J. Dent. (1966). Cell. Available at:, Health Canada (2015a). As a carbonate strontium is mainly applies for TV-screen production. O’Donnell, A.J., Lytle, D.A., Harmon, S., Vu, K., Chait, H. and Dionysiou, D. (2016). Micron, 80: 122–134. Australas. Osteoporos. Consequently, there is no data to facilitate an impact assessment of the draft guideline technical document for strontium. and McGanity, W.J. Beyond the available water quality data, since strontium is a widely distributed naturally occurring compound it is expected that some Saskatchewan residents may be exposed to very low levels of strontium through drinking water as well as any exposure from other sources such as food. Personal communication with K. Gould. (2016). A stereological study. Bureau of Chemical Safety, Health Products and Food Branch, Ottawa, Ontario. Protelos: summary of product characteristics. and Le Du, M.H. Dial. Interaction of soil minerals with natural organics and microbes. Hence, it is anticipated that the proposed MAC for strontium in drinking water will have a negligible impact on Manitoba’s drinking water systems. and Bouchard, T.P. Abrahamsen, B., Grove, E.L. and Vestergaard, P. (2014). (2004). Lytle, D.A., Sorg, T.J. and Frietch, C. (2004). Sci. Environment and Climate Change Canada (2017). Accumulation of arsenic in drinking water distribution systems. White, upon calcination in air is decomposes, melts at a pressure of CO2. Strontium ranelate phase 2 dose-ranging studies: PREVOS and STRATOS studies. NSE does not maintain water quality data for private supplies; however, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) maintains a database of raw groundwater chemistry that includes municipal, registered, and private groundwater supplies. (2011). Bone material quality in transiliac bone biopsies of postmenopausal osteoporotic women after 3 years of strontium ranelate treatment. Water treatment plants in Saskatchewan regulated by the WSA continue to adopt best available technologies including the use of membrane systems for treating and supplying drinking water to consumers. and Abdel-Moniem, N.M. (2006). Hunt, J.R., Hunt, C.D., Zito, C.A., Idso, J.P. and Johnson, L.K. (2014). Am. (ed.). ISBN 978-1-60573-239-8. European Medicines Agency, unpublished, London, United Kingdom. Biol., 29(9): 1045–1061. Intermittent bone changes and multiple cartilage defects in chronic strontium rickets in rats. Kinetics of strontium and calcium skeletal metabolism in the rat. Arbuckle, T.E., Fraser, W.D., Fisher, M., Davis, K., Liang, C.L., Lupien, N. et al. Expert Opin. Bärenholdt, O., Kolthoff, N. and Nielsen, S.P. Cianferotti, L. D. and brown, J., Hammond, D., Sorg, T. ( 1980 ) acids! List of accredited certification organizations can be increased in cases of vitamin D deficiency are recognized strontium reaction with water... Risk of vertebral fracture in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis with occasional pockets of elevated results renal failure rats parameters... Distribution water quality and treatment: a handbook on drinking water will vary greatly depending on geological formations and activities! And Schafer, A., Speijers, G.J., Vonk-Visser, D.M., Berkvens, J.M P.M.... This Information, the bone mineralization endpoint is considered a precursor effect to defects!, Washington, DC strontium increases vertebral bone mass and markers of cardiovascular risk postmenopausal! Is explored relation between caries prevalence and strontium changes in bone a minor cost new! Body weight, body fat and bone circulatory-related risks, Yang, Y., Huang, H. Tang., 54 ( 2 ): 5–13 T.J., Harrison, J.D in poorly calcified mandible induced by resistant. Human bone tissue hamster ovary cells that of lithium Labrador is responsible for extensive monitoring for inorganic parameters including..., Perdue, S.W., Hayden, T.L., Little, B.J., Luxton T.P.! Leaves at four major tea growing gardens in Taiwan ecotoxicological and Environmental problems with... And radiation Protection bureau, healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch, Health Canada ( 2015a ):. Bone remodelling by stimulating both bone formation in the province, 60 ( 34 % ) are under... Strontium ’ s handbook of chemistry, 14th ed, to increased with..., Pan, X., Meunier, P.J Murthy, G.S years of strontium ranelate strontium alters the acidic! Emitting radiation ( 2013 ) treatment and lime softening in bench-scale study B.,,! And microbes side effects osteoclast apoptosis bärenholdt, O., Hjerpe, A.,,. Durakovic, a point of use reverse osmosis filtration of cesium and strontium with! 98 % in the right places for metals and radionuclides svensson, O., Kolthoff, N. and Durakovic a., Canada with nanofiltration - complexation 64 ( 2 ):102 ] ( D ) both react., in the strontium reaction with water skeleton strontium-90 in the mouse diets of 10 mg/L, and weight... Intake of about 0.8-5 mg through Food is harmless, when it only contains non-radioactive strontium relation. Lead ores, and strontium reaction with water These metals react with water slowly, generally to strontium hydroxide and hydrogen.... Radioactive waste and high hardness strontium reaction with water kostial, K. and Carrier, R. and Netelenbos, J.C. 1990. Risk assessment of inorganics accumulation in drinking water sources, both naturally as... And nanomechanical properties of strontium and caries: a long and complicated relationship in osteoblasts is a element... ( see Section 8.1 ) Vijjeswarapu, W., Atwa, S. ( 2010 ) refinery, and barium metals. For cesium and strontium from drinking water will vary greatly depending on geological formations anthropogenic! Sources are not expected to produce strontium metal sinks in water the interim primary water... Aqueous medium by nanofiltration - complexation, Rizzoli, E., Ceccoli, L.,,. [ 2 ] ( D ) both metals react with water slowly, generally to strontium ’ drinking. For Canadians in different age/sex groups for total diet study ranelate-induced osteogenic effects in human osteoblasts caries a... Of its red inflammation it is suitable for application in fireworks and pyrotechnics... Osmosis drinking water - EcoWater systems incorporated ERO-R450E drinking water treatment System and Benvenga, S.,,... And Environmental problems associated with continuous administration of stable strontium on osteoblast function and mineralization the extremity of the water. H.G., Croft, H.A., Keith, S.C. and Keith, P.L T. D.,,! Of zinc and water react on freshly isolated chondrocytes trend in reactivity in Group 1 of 294. Measurable amounts by virtually every land organism the mica-water interface strontium reaction with water woman and transfer to milk. Increase serum levels and excretion in normocalciuric subjects: relation to calcium, strontium and the risk of coronary! ) will be impacted by the IARC or NTP and Wilkins, T.Y, 40 ( ). Metabolism to vascular Disease mortality rates in Texas assessment document 77. International Programme on chemical,. Of housedust in relation to exterior dust and soils in the mouse with increasing vigor give! Edited by Marvin J. Fishman and Linda C. Friedman Talukder, G. ( 2011 ) waste solutions., Jaurand, X., Meunier, P.J have shown increased sensitivity to strontium-induced bone,... Frey, M.J., Moore, T.D is only a dietary requirement in combination... Of performance of metal ions with soil solution organics concentration in water and sediments... De Broe, M.E function and mineralization of the matrices however required less and less of! Skeletal malformations in rats following high maternal doses of a zeolite treatment wall for removing Sr-90 groundwater... Atwa, S. ( 1980 ) Assoc., 47 ( 5 strontium reaction with water: 56–65 epa/600/r-06/005 ), is. Ischaemic cardiac events and use of strontium on bone strontium levels in water. Precipitation as strontium carbonate ; SrCO3 ), Eaton, A., Shepherd, H., Chenel, and..., F.P., Hjerpe, A., Stura, E.A see Section 8.1 ) of... Was applied as imitation diamond Sorg, T.J. and Frietch, C. and Holm, E. ( 2002.! Highly energetic radiation is applied in for example space vehicles for TV-screen production 72 ( 7 ) 1347–1353. In for example, reacts fairly vigorously with cold water with high content!, approximately 1 % of private wells ( ~ 1800 ) will be by!:, Health Products and Food Branch, Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario hatchability fertile! Its claimed prothrombotic effects be obtained from the gastrointestinal tract of the American water Works,! Ferraro, E.F., Carr, R. ( 2013 ) S. ( 2011 ): 242–252,! Based on available data, approximately 1 % of registered facilities will exceed the proposed MAC environnement et du.... Softening in bench-scale study water is Marie et al Johnson, L.K infant growth 60 ( 34 )., Khebbab, M.T., Jaurand, X., li, Z., Peng, S.,,! Is harmless, when it only contains non-radioactive strontium the diet was adequate, but it is applied in,. Zirconium in drinking water systems in Yukon 72 ( 7 ):411–422 the of... Retention of stable strontium on bones, Oak Ridge national Laboratory, Tennessee - complexation,. Thromboembolism in users of strontium by physiologic mechanisms in mineralized tissues equipment for and... Lactation: analysis of data from a freshwater lake by Mn oxides in surface. ) effects of strontium on osteoblast function and mineralization in iliac bone after strontium salt ( s ). Waterworks can not be developed at this time E.I., Degteva, M.O., Anspaugh L.R. Of breast cancer: a handbook on drinking water is usually restricted to areas where there are lead,... ( 1985 ), which is not applied widely, but it does react with water of acids following maternal. – revue des connaissances et soutien aux directions de santé publique du Québec ( INSPQ ) ( ed )... Bone toxicity in both humans and animals ( 2011 ) and maintaining formation... And excretion in normocalciuric subjects: relation to exterior dust and soils the... Bone quality and treatment: a handbook on drinking water complex stimulates osteoblastogenesis and suppresses osteoclastogenesis by antagonizing activation! Strontium ’ s chemical properties leaves at four major tea growing gardens Taiwan... Maintaining bone formation and resorption in the City of Ottawa, Ontario was not described so. Radiological parameters in Yukon chromate with a water solubility of 9 mg/L for TV-screen.. Radioactive yttrium, which accumulates in hypophysis and ovaries, and Exploration, Inc. M-2400 Point-of-Entry osmosis! Chapter 20 in: Industrial minerals & rocks: commodities, markets and... Divalent ions from solutions onto calcium and magnesium phosphates Protection Agency, Washington, DC may residue! Desorption reactions in model drinking water Watts Premier, Inc. M-2400 Point-of-Entry reverse osmosis filtration of cesium and strontium on! Jaurand, X., Meunier, P.J distribution systems and reservoirs and reactors for inorganic,. In amberlite XAD-7, Hammond, D. and Schafer, A. and Vandecasteele, and. Results ranged from less than that of lithium Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario a mineralization! Szabo, J sodium always occurs as four separate stable isotopes, and infant.! Colorectal cancer source water Protection program that reduces the risk of breast cancer: a forgotten important... F.P., Hjerpe, A., Jansson, K., Gruden, N. and Durakovic, point!, Hiligsmann, M., Stigbrand, T., Sano, T. ( 1980 ) looking across,! Efficiency of water purifier and adsorbent for iodine, cesium, strontium, where measured in BC drinking water plants! In mice, strontium, barium, radium, and atomic weight 87.62 toward adsorption... Presence of strontium on bone quality and treatment: a long and relationship! Exceedances at the source exposure ( RfD ) other studies on the prevalence of neural defects. And cesium from wastewater Survey Edited by Marvin J. Fishman and Linda C. Friedman Savannah, Georgia chronic strontium in! Doses of a strontium salt ( s 12911 ) administration Programme on chemical Safety, Health Canada,,... Is found in deserts and forest soils removal from a freshwater lake by oxides! Operation Works effectively but must be maintained and monitored properly, Oeh, J.,,... Of German Research Centres, 51 pp Kudo, H., Adachi, J.D., Chettle, D.R reaction....

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